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Won't Come In From The Rain, She's Oceans Running Down The Drain

I have to share this. I have to. Two of my favourite things in the whole entire world collaborated in 1981 and I have only just found out. In that year, Debbie Harry (lead singer of Blondie, punk princess, love of my life) appeared on the Muppet Show. Debbie Harry and Kermit. Oh goodness. My heart skipped a beat.

I'm not going to lie. The sight and sound of Debbie Harry singing one of my favourite Muppet songs made me tear up a little.

My Dad has always played me Blondie songs. He had such an obsession with that band, especially after their 1999 comeback album, and he always raved about Debbie Harry, the ultimate pin-up, goddess, ice-queen.

I was lucky enough to see Blondie live last June, and they were incredible. Even at 60-something, Harry herself still just HAD IT. She OWNED that audience, and her voice was gorgeous, considering the speed at which female voices can deteriorate with age. With age, her voice has become even more sultry if that is even possible. Mature.

Ugh, I just can't. I have such a crush on her. Her voice makes me melt. She's such an incredible badass, as well as being completely genuine and likeable. Sarcastic, sexy, and not to mention completely and utterly jaw-droppingly gorgeous, oh my goodness, I'm rambling and I can't stop. Just look at the picture down there. Nnnnnnghhhh.

Move over, Gaga. The princess is back, and she's back like a fury.

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I apologise for grammar fail and repetition. It's past midnight and I'm tired and lovedrunk and drowning in music and I'm a little delirious. Forgive me my ramblings.
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You Don't Know What It Means To Win, Come Down And See Me Again

How am I meant to function as a regular human being after 17 years of institutionalised education? How do people expect me to be able to act like an actual person? Oi.

Oh well. I have Ben and Jerry's to soothe my anguish at having to get a real job and pay council tax and do other boring, responsible grown-up things.

I also really, really want to do unspeakable things to Toby Stephens right about now.

Cor, I have a massive thing for Mr Rochester anyway, but Toby was just down right sinful.

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Robot Head!

Did She Make You Cry, Make You Break Down, Shatter Your Illusions Of Love?

My new current favourite song, as of last night. Christ on a bike. I can't stop listening to it.

It doesn't help that I have developed a strange crush on Stevie Nicks. She's just one of the most fantastic people ever. When she performs, she just so....argarflasfhlafas. I would actually chew off a limb to see this woman perform live.

Annoyingly she is playing Hard Rock Calling this year, with Adam Ant and the Barenaked Ladies and Ryan Bingham and Train and Bon Jovi and I CAN'T AFFORD TO GO :C Every time I see the lineup, I die a little inside.

Oh Stevie <3

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Withnail &amp; I

Ask No Questions, Take No Sides

My traitorous mind is being selfish again, and I wish it wouldn't be.
What starts as a very loving and wonderful three, suddenly becomes two and me. Again.
I'm being very selfish, and more than a little paranoid.
I should get over myself.

Term has finished, technically.

I officially only have a single deadline and a graduation date, and then I have to be a grown up. Properly.

Fuck me.

Urgh, I need to sleep. I don't even know why I'm up. I'm nervous and I don't really know why I am. I'm nervous and paranoid and irritated, but also I feel loved and quite confused and I have had so many hugs and squishes and playfights today, I might die from the affection.

Christ, Mary hits hard, but she hugs even harder. Happy days.

And The Wind Through Your Bones Is All That Remains

Guess what? I've been drawing again!

Granted, I should have probably been doing research for my projects, but this seemed like a more valuable use of my time. Alas, it is not fanart this time, but a present for a friend.

I wanted to draw something special for some people, and I started with one Phil Abernethy, guitarist, enthusiast, and one of the loveliest and most gentlemanly people I know. A portrait.

Influences/references from the Nevada desert, the man himself and Gustav Klimt.

Critique would be appreciated? What do you think? :\

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I Sing A Song Of Sixes, Invoke The Curse Of Witches

Today has been a rollercoaster. I don't even know what to say.

My friends and acquaintances lost someone. One of the benefits of having gone to such a small Secondary school is that you really do know everyone. This lad, Eliot, was the younger brother of a friend. I met him once or twice, went to parties with him, laughed with him - though I didn't know him well at all. Last night he drove into a tree. He was eighteen.

I can't imagine what his family are going through. His brother Luke was a classmate of mine - a brilliant, handsome, perfect man, and Eliot was equally as wonderful the few times I met him. I can't imagine how Luke feels. It'd be like me losing my own seventeen-year-old sister...and it chokes me just to think about how I'd cope. I wouldn't. I couldn't.

I'm shocked. Just shocked.

God keep you, Eliot. I will pray for you and your family.
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Can't Talk Little Man? Bet You Can't Play None Either.

Day 07: A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

I could say music. I could say my family. I could say my friends, films, books, Oscar Wilde, J R R Tolkien, or my piano. Mostly, this is just a loaded and difficult question. Why else do you think it has taken me days to come up with an answer for it? I can't answer it. I can't. There are too many to count.

So I am interpreting the question in a different way: A picture of someone/something that had a big impact on you. Physically.

I offer to the table:


1. A frying pan full of near-boiling oil and an angry misplaced piece of steak ended with me in A & E and looking like a dalmatian for two months. Luckily, nothing scarred. Though it was close, and the scabs were not only agonising, but also knocked my confidence way out the window.
2. The only car accident I have ever been in. The Toyota Yaris (a rather small car!) I was a passenger in got shunted by a huge fuck-off great Land Rover Discovery. I ended up with whiplash, which eleven months on still makes my life miserable.

So two impacts there ;) I know, I know, it's technically cheating, but I can't be arsed to do deep answers today.

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There Were Three Ravens On A Tree Down Down In The Derry Down

Day 06: Favorite super hero and why.

An odd choice but I am going to have to say Eddie Morgan Blake/"the Comedian" from Watchmen.

He's a complete twat. He stands tall and broad and can use pretty much any weapon given to him. He is sexist, racist, nihilistic and violent. He was court-martialled for shooting seven Japanese POWs on a bet (claiming he could shoot them all with eight bullets at fifty paces). He rapes, pillages and burns the innocent, in the name of justice. Life is a joke. Morality and humanity are jokes.

And my god, I adore him.

I couldn't tell you why. He is a complete and utter wanker in the graphic novel/comics and the film and I should hate him, but I never did. Even before I knew he was being played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the film (I love every character that man touches, oh my gosh), I loved the Comedian for being so cruel.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I prefer morally ambiguous characters. They seem more real to me. He's SO mean, and in that, so very believable. The fact that he can be so cruel and deceitful and just plain insane, and yet still be classed a superhero is just amazing. Sociopath, much?

I have a poster, a signed print and a badge replica. I love him. I actually love him.

Kudos, Alan Moore. Recognise.


(I'm going to say it. It also doesn't hurt that it's Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Grrawr. He's so delicious. Even as a rapey, murdering bastard. I definitely would.)

Blow High Blow Low And So Sail We

Day 05 - A picture of somewhere you've been to.

Because this question is so vague, I am deliberately picking a place that is neither interesting or remotely worth going to. I associate fond memories with it, because of the company I kept on this visit, but that's it.

Behold, a picture of somewhere I have been to.


That, my friends, is the World's Biggest Pencil, at Cumberland Pencil Museum, Keswick - the only pencil museum in the whole of the UK.

25 feet, guys. It's a monster.

You're impressed, I can tell. See it and weep.

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